March Meeting Minutes

WITW Desert Curves Chapter

Minutes of the March 1st 2018 meeting held at the Redwood Grill on Plumb and Kietzke. Laura (Scout) was the host. Lynn won the 50/50 raffle and Marcianna won the award for being present.

Members present were: Lynn Oehler, Marciana Huarte, Beth Jones, Lynette Litner, Laura Johnson, Jean Barnes, Emilyn Roberts, Bernadette Ralston and Kathleen Shupp. We had a guest that decided to join in our fun! Jackie Borman is our newest member! Welcome to our not-a-club Jackie!

The results of the officer’s meeting were distributed in the form of a two page guide to the duties of the officers and chair persons. I see that the Secretaries have a new task; that being to submit articles to the Shootin’ the Breeze international newsletter! Other changes were decided upon by the officers that were present at that meeting and it is advisable for our members to familiarize themselves with the newly adopted duties.

The treasurer’s report was given by our treasurer Beth. We are looking good! Still in the black!

Kathleen gave the Secretary report and stated that she feels our account balances should not go over the internet so until further notice those numbers won’t be included in the meeting minutes.

Ride committee; thank you very much for the ride calendars that were distributed to the members who were present. It is very difficult to put a calendar like that together and your efforts are appreciated.

No safety report was given.

There is no update on the “safe mileage” rockers and pins. They should be coming out soon now that the Winter Internationals are over.

There is no update on the Web page or any Shootin’ the Breeze articles.

Marcianna says that the historian duties are up to date.

We are hoping to hear that the Sin City Sisters will be hosting the Winter Nationals in 2019. No word has reached us as of yet.

The Sargent at Arms has several new duties. Those include sending out Birthday cards, flowers, and other acknowledgements of special events that our membership is experiencing, be them bad or good. We are going to look into opening an account with a florist to make it less time consuming.

It was suggested that we reward our “High Mileage” person of the year with a gift card and a certificate.

Headsets were brought up. They could be used to better the communications between the lead and sweep on rides. Further discussion regarding this matter is needed. It was suggested that the lead rider hold a short meeting prior to taking off on any rides to discuss hand signals and any information that will help to make the rides go more smoothly.

New ride suggestions are always welcome. We also need to determine a location for our annual Christmas party. All suggested options will be discussed.

The winter internationals went out to members via “Facetime”.  As an aside: I personally do not own an Apple product and I think that they should find another method of broadcasting those meetings. I believe that we need to make that a suggestion to the international officers. It is my belief that persons who choose Android over Apple should not be punished for their preference.

Is there anyone interested in going to the “Ride California” event this year? If so, please make your intentions known so that all of the members can make plans for it.  Let’s drum up some excitement!


Respectfully submitted by K. Shupp