June Meeting Minutes

Monthly meeting/luau

June 1, 2018

The meeting was hosted by Rhonda. We had a wonderful time at her lovely home.

Members in attendance were; Eve, Lynn, Rhonda, Lynette, Beth, Jean, Emilyn, Laura, Julie, Janice, and Kathleen. The attendance gift card was won by Rhonda!

There was no 50/50 drawing.

We had no guests.

President: Rhonda announced that she will be attending both of the Canadian events in August. She will be taking the lanyards and remaining Bootrox.

Treasurer: Beth gave treasurer report. She spent some money on six gift cards. Our bank balance is still good.

Secretary: No report was given.

Safety: Kathleen gave reports about “starting on a hill” and “riding in hot weather”.

Membership: A suggestion was made that perhaps we should set up a table at some of the events and hand out our business cards or perhaps a flyer.

Safe mileage: Nothing to report this time of the year.

Web: No report given.

Communications: Emilyn said all is going well.

Shootin’ The Breeze: Anyone who wishes to submit an article is welcome to. No prior permission will be needed-Just send it!

Rides: Ride California is June 8-10.  Canadian Rally is August 18-20. Laughlin Meet up information is in Shootin’ the Breeze. July 7th or 8th is an Aces baseball game. Nate has suggested a ride to Moon Rocks where the dirt bikes and ATVs rip up the countryside. July 24 is a dinner ride to “The Joint” a Thai restaurant on Pyramid Highway.

Lynn will be hosting the July meeting. It is to be held at Reds 395 in Carson City on Monday July 2nd.

Suggestions are still requested for the Christmas party. Barbara H. has suggested the Twisted Fork where they will offer us a limited menu and a separate room; no information about the cost per plate was given. Other suggestions were to have it at Barbara’s house! (That’s was because she wasn’t there to defend herself!) Rhonda offered her home again. She suggested “walking tacos” and “bring a dessert to share”.

We gave away two back patches. One was donated by our former member Comstock Kathy. The other was donated by Rhonda. Eve and Lynn both have patches now.

Lynn spoke about the June Lakes trip. Their tourist season is from Memorial Day to October 31 that is when the rates are higher. Our trip there was postponed due to many unforeseeable events. We are tentatively looking to reschedule for May 4-5 2019. Any additional persons interested in going are encouraged to do so and get in touch with Lynn or Lynette.

Meeting adjourned to look at the Bison and play with the dog.